If I have seen far, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Sir Isaac Newton

Why GSI?

GSI is Giantsource Inc.

We build large-scale consumer destinations and B2B platforms. Our Emmy award-winning team designs, defines and develops digital entertainment solutions for Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Headquarters: Los Angeles
Satellite Offices: San Diego, Coeur d'Alene and Kernersville

The Team

Our team draws their deep experience from Fortune 500 companies and start-ups including Fox Interactive Media, NBC Universal, Sony DADC, Science Media and Myspace. We are engineers, architects, designers and product people. Above all, we are problem solvers, creative thinkers and rule-breakers.
Formed from working relationships and friendships that go back 15 years, we are friends and family, as well as coworkers.

Executive / Tech Leadership

Billy Niemeyer

Billy Niemeyer

Owner & Architect

Ward Gross

Ward Gross


Keith Stewart

Keith Stewart

VP Technology

Our Clients

GSI operates as an extension of your business. We assign a dedicated team to every client initiative, further supported by the greater GSI organization and strategically chosen to guarantee a successful relationship and product deployment. In addition to the project team, GSI leads each effort from a panel of qualified experts with a deep knowledge and understanding of developing similar solutions across the industry.

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adjective British

  1. (of goods) made to order.
  2. (of a computer program) written or adapted for a specific user or purpose.

Our Services

GSI provides bespoke software development in the entertainment space. Our solutions include scalable consumer destinations for VOD/OTT, fully-integrated multi-product platforms and tailor-made backlot systems for managing media and metadata. Our Emmy award-winning team delivers informed, strategy-based solutions that address the complex problems facing modern digital entertainment companies.


We must understand our clients’ business in order to direct a solution. GSI operates as a consultant, providing knowledge and research to illuminate possibilities and drive decisions around technology and implementation.

Product & Design

In a world of limitless directions, choosing the right path forward is essential to success. GSI provides accomplished product people and celebrated designers to realize not only an elegant and beautiful outcome, but a functional and impactful one as well.

Platforms & Integrations

Every solution is a blend of solutions. GSI partners for industry leading functionality, builds what must be built and integrates everything into a single cohesive offering.

Professional Services

At times, we must act boldly to lead our industries. GSI excels at creating, reimagining, and inventing in addition to supporting, maintaining and strengthening.

Our Work

Nothing can replace experience and so we let our work speak for itself.



MX1 and GSI work together to design and construct their 360 platform, a cloud-based asset management system. 360 is a powerful, elegant portal for managing all aspects of digital media, from content delivery to live-stream monitoring.

Media Centre

Media Centre

GSI was brought into the Sony Pictures Television, Media Centre project late in 2013 to augment the existing team. Media Centre manages the digital media supply chain where it ingests and delivers core media files to broadcasting centers and catch-up operators across Europe and soon to be worldwide. While working with project stakeholders, we delivered over 350 individual comps with supporting documentation and spent 11 months as the product design and application development leader for the project.



GSI is the primary development and product partner in a new offering from Sony DADC that completes the story of their vast systems and services offering. Venue allows content owners and aggregators to launch a one-stop shop OTT platform backed by their industry leading digital supply chain solutions. The Venue offering provides a compelling and unique experience unlike anything available on the market today.



Sony Pictures Entertainment and GSI recently concluded design and product planning for Project Blueprint. Similar to Media Centre in our deliverables, GSI prepared a proof of concept by creating hundreds of mockups of screens that illustrate core functionality of the final proposed product. We work directly with internal stakeholders in a business analyst capacity to gather requirements and make sure our proposed solutions are on target for the audience.



GSI works with Sony DADC as a leader of external facing product and technology. We have designed, developed and implemented a suite of solutions that allow their internal systems to be accessible as a compelling SaaS platform called Molecule. Core to the offering is a best-in-class metadata management utility allowing multiple inputs and multiple to-spec outputs that allow Molecule to interface with any and all distribution companies worldwide. Molecule is an end-to-end digital supply chain offering that powers some of the largest entertainment companies in the world.



GSI was hired by Rightsline, an industry leading digital rights management platform, to augment their UI team, providing creative and functional direction to the upcoming Rightsline SaaS release. GSI worked closely with internal stakeholders to design a complete set of functional mocks and accompanied style guides to be used in the new product release.



Sony Pictures contracted GSI to design and build ODIN, a multi-sourced metadata brokering and publishing system. Included in our work was design, development, deployment and managing the successful hand-off of the application to internal Sony developers. ODIN is responsible for aggregating and disseminating metadata across all upstream and downstream systems across Sony Pictures. We continue to be involved in ongoing product planning, design and UI implementation.

Our Partners

Every job is different, GSI fields the team & products necessary to create the appropriate solution. We work with the best to achieve the outcome our clients need. GSI is proud of the relationships we have built across the media space, here are some of the superstars we are honored to call our partners.

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